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In the heart of the city of Carson, CA, Beyond Skin Care Spa was founded by award-winning beauty specialist and licensed medical esthetician, Richelle Magtanong.


Bringing extensive cutting-edge skills and knowledge into the skincare profession and working with passion and love for the beauty industry, Richelle has trained her staff not only to be professional and proficient in their field, but more importantly, to remain compassionate, team-oriented, and respectful when dealing with clients and their fellow staff.


Special message from Dr.Vicky Belo for beyond skin care


Beyond Skin Care Carson Former Head Aesthetician For Belo Medical Group




For Our Skin Health goes beyond lathering creams and serums, it answers why a product was created while addressing who will benefit the most. Our unique synergistic approach has been clinically proven to bring immediate results leading to long-term benefits where each product is combined with the highest concentrations of multiple active ingredients along with the latest technology in the industry to deal with various skin types and conditions.


Every product is animal cruelty-free. It is also free of most commonly known skin irritants including parabens and sulfates. Our line was developed with every skin type in mind from acne-prone to aging and other concerns in between to ensure efficacy and quality. For Our Skin Health is created in the United States and go through stability testing in an FDA registered facility under strict protocol.


Our products may not be in parallel with the marketing of the other premier skin lines, but clients can rest assured that they are receiving the optimal product that could bring them closer to their desired outcomes.



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